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Viewshed Analysis

‘Breathtaking views and diverse, inspirational landscapes’ are one of the seven Special Qualities of the SDNP which residents, communities and visitors told us about in 2011.

We want to protect and conserve these views and others like them so that future generations can continue to be inspired by them.

The Viewshed Study Report of the South Downs National Park takes 120 of the most widely known views and landmarks in the National Park and maps them using computer modelling to a 35 kilometre distance. These plots of views are called Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTVs). These are used to help assess and understand the impact of visible change in the views.

We have also produced panoramic photographs of 30 of the views in the National Park.

The Viewshed Panoramic Photography Technical Specification document describes the methodology and equipment used to produce the panoramic photographs.

Google Earth ‘Model’ of the South Downs National Park

If you are able to use Google Earth (GE) you can download the model of the SDNP which shows the view point locations together with information about the landscape character, historic landscape character, and biodiversity and cultural heritage of the National Park. Using Google Earth allows you to look at and do a virtual ‘fly over’ the land as it exists today and with the use of overlays, access a range of more detailed research information about the National Park Landscape.

This information will appear as layers in GE which you can switch on and off as required. You can also access the panoramic photographs when using the model.

Other Report Documents

Viewpoint Zone of Theoretical Visibility PDFs