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Sustainability Appraisal for the SDNPA Local Plan

The development of the Local Plan is being informed and influenced by the preparation of a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) process which incorporates the requirements of the European Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive. The SA will fully integrate socio-economic considerations, consider cross-boundary issues (including  associated in-combination and cumulative effects), provide a framework for further SA/SEAs which may be carried out in the National Park (including at the neighbourhood level), and recognise the vital ecosystems services that the SDNP provides to a wide area.

The process began with SDNPA approval of a SA Scoping Report in June 2013, following consultation with the statutory advisers and the South Downs Partnership.  The SA Scoping Report sets out the Framework within which the sustainability of the emerging Local Plan policies will be assessed.  This is an iterative process allowing the Local Plan to be modified at key stages in the light of SA findings and the comments of received following public consultation.  Currently, the SA process for the SDNPA Local Plan incorporates the following stages:

SA Stage Status Link (once published)
Scoping Report Completed Jun 2012 Scoping Report
SA of Issues and Options Consultation Document Completed Feb 2014 I&O SA Report
SA of Preferred Option / Draft Local Plan Preparation Autumn 2014 for public Consultation Jan-Feb 2015 Sustainability Appraisal of the South Downs Local Plan: Preferred Options
SA of Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan Preparation Summer 2015 for public Consultation Nov-Dec 2015
SA of Submission Local Plan and compilation of SA Report Spring 2016 for Submission Jul 2015