Communicating the South Downs


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Breach of Condition Notices

Date The Land The Alleged Breach Breach of Condition Notice
9 April 2015 Land at Pendean Sand Quarry, Oaklands Lane, West Lavington, Midhurst, West Sussex shown shaded in red on the attached plan.

The following condition has not been complied with (relevant part highlighted in bold):

(1) Condition 29 – HGV Numbers, which states:

“Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the South Downs National Park Authority as a non-material minor amendment, no more than 3,750 Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs, more than 7.5 tonnes gross weight) shall enter the site (including Pendean Quarry (as outlined in blue on plan P4.731/16 May 2008)) and no more than 3,750 HGVs shall leave the site during the operating hours in any calendar year. The monthly average of 313 HGVs vehicles entering and 313 HGVs leaving the site during permitted operating hours shall not be exceeded by more than 40% in any calendar month.

The daily average of 14 HGVs entering the site (Monday to Friday) and 14 HGVs leaving the site (Monday to Friday) during permitted hours shall not be exceeded by more than 50%. The daily average of 4 HGVs entering the site on Saturdays and 4 HGVs leaving the site on Saturdays during permitted hours, as controlled by Condition 42, shall not be exceeded by more than 50%. Construction traffic associated with the development hereby approved in to be regarded as over and above the limitations on numbers of vehicles associated with normal working of the site.

Reason: To safeguard the amenities of residents in the locality and to preserve the special qualities of the South Downs National Park.”

BoC Notice – Pendean Sand Quarry