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What are Neighbourhood Development Plans?

What are Neighbourhood Development Plans?

Communities change all the time and most people have strong opinions on whether this change is for better or worse.

Neighbourhood Plans give local communities the power to shape development in their area. Once ‘made’ (adopted) they become part of the development plan for the National Park and the policies and proposals contained within them are used in the determination of planning applications, including appeals.

Community Planning encompasses a range of different techniques and can be used as evidence to attract funding for local projects, help mobilise volunteers to tackle local issues, provide detailed and local information on landscape or design and bring the community together.

Over 50 parishes in the South Downs National Park have, or are, in the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan and more than half the parishes are involved in the process of producing a Community Plan, so there are plenty of examples out there to help you decide which plan suits your community.

Neighbourhood and Community Planning Specialists

Are you a community or Local Authority outside of the South Downs National Park looking for consultancy support in the development of a Neighbourhood or Community Plan?

With our extensive experience of rural planning, we might be able to help.

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For all neighbourhood and community planning queries, please get in touch.

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