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Socio-economic & Demographic Information

Park Wide Data

A range of documents have been prepared by the National Park Authority since its inception which provide statistical information about how we live, work and play in the National Park. Much of this data is highly pertinent to organisations wishing to prepare a Whole Estate Plan, when seeking to ground their activities in the wider scale of the National Park.

Estate Specific Data

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) also now provide the ability to create tailored maps of their census data, without charge via their website. Whilst it may not be possible to cut data exactly to your land holding boundary (data must be aggregated to protect anonymity and this can impact the data boundaries available particularly in very rural areas) but it will still provide a close guide to the population statistics of your area on topics including;

  • Census
  • Crime & Safety
  • Economic Deprivation
  • Education, Skills & Training
  • Health & Care
  • Housing
  • Indices of Deprivation
  • People & Society: Income & Lifestyles
  • People & Society: Population & Migration
  • Physical Environment
  • Work Deprivation