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Free Cycle Parking for South Downs Businesses

The South Downs National Park Authority is encouraging visitors to leave their cars behind try cycling as a great way explore the scenery, heritage and hidden gems of the South Downs.

Local visitor attractions, parish councils and small businesses (e.g. country pubs, café’s, accommodation providers) can apply for up to 6 free cycle stands worth over £500.

Why Install Cycle Parking?

cycle standsGood quality visible cycle parking at attractions and at refreshment stops in towns and villages encourages cycling and can bring many benefits.

  • Cyclists are good for the local economy and community.
  • Bikes are quiet, clean and green and take up less space than cars.
  • Cycling is a great way seeing new places, having fun and staying healthy too!

For further information please contact Alister Linton-Crook, Cycling Project Officer, by email on or telephone on 01730 819247.

Application Process

The Application Information and Technical Guidance documents has full details on how to apply, types of stand available and advice on locating cycle parking where it is visible and convenient to use.

To apply you must be the landowner or have permission from the owner of the land on which the racks will be installed.

  1. Complete and submit the application and planning enquiry form
  2. The SDNPA will check and advise if any need for planning permission
  3. Approved applicants will receive the FREE cycle stands
  4. Applicants will coordinate the installation of stands within 3 months of approval
  5. Market and promote new cycling facilities to encourage new visitors