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Past Academic Research

Past Academic Research

Find out below about research projects undertaken by students, academics and partners. If you have undertaken research in the South Downs National Park and would like us to include your work here, please email us at research@southdowns.gov.uk. If you are looking for research opportunities please see our collaborate with us page.

    • Access

      If you have research relating to Access in the South Downs National Park, please email research@southdowns.gov.uk.

    • Connecting People and Communities

      (Links coming soon)

      Behavioural attitudes and beliefs of visitors to popular countryside recreational sites

      Green Open Spaces for Health (GOSH)

      Outdoor adventure activities and understandings of sustainability

      Place and emotion in university student learning in a Forest School

      Sensing the landscape Recreational walking in the South Downs National Park for people with impaired vision

      South Downs National Park Citizens Panel

      • Cultural Heritage

        (Links coming soon)

        Bronze age past and bronze age future in the Rother Valley region

        Community stories and drainage management approaches in the River Adur catchment

        Cultural heritage in the SDNP

        Early trackways in the South Downs National Park and Weald

        Stansted Forest An Evaluation of Field Systems and Pits

        Unlocking The Edward Reeves Archive Lewes

      • Landscape and Biodiversity

        (Links coming soon)

        Accounting for Sediment Transfer along the River Rother, West Sussex

        Bats in a complex managed landscape

        Comparison of techniques for chalk grassland restoration in the South Downs

        Conserving biodiversity from field to landscape

        Dartmoor Farming Futures: evaluation of outcome-focused approach to agri-environment schemes

        Engaging with River Restoration Final Report

        Environmental change at Alice Holt Research Forest

        Exploring and undertaking Natural Capital modelling of the South Downs National Park using InVEST tool

        Forgotten fields Tithe mapping of land use in the Lower Rother Valley, West Sussex

        Geomorphological change detection in Telscombe cliffs using UAV photogrammetry

        Habitat Structure on Butterfly Response to Changing Weather Conditions

        How can we deliver agri-environment at a landscape scale

        Impact of Himalayan balsam on pollination of native plant species

        Large herbivores in conservation and agroecological farming

        Linking forest carbon fluxes and phenology in the South Downs National Park

        Portsmouth Water Catchment Management Update

        Soil erosion and freshwater pollution mitigation measures

        Research on forest soils in the South Downs National Park

        Restoration of chalk grassland at Beddingham Landfill Site

        Sediment & Mitigation Actions for the River Rother PhD – presentation

        Sediment & Mitigation Actions for the River Rother PhD – thesis

        South Downs International Dark Sky Reserve – ‘Moore’s Reserve’

        Targeted agri-environment schemes significantly improve bumblebee populations

        The current status of Great Crested Newts and the suitability of associated dewpond habitats in the South Downs National Park

        The Natural Capital Approach

        Using Google Earth to map erosion in the Western Rother valley

        Water Vole distribution and abundance in water courses and ponds within the Manhood Peninsula.

      • Sustainable Economy and Tourism

        (Links coming soon)

        Importance of evidence-based sustainable tourism decisions

        Sustainable Tourism an Investigation of the Challenges and Opportunities within SDNP – presentation

        Sustainable Tourism, an Investigation of the Challenges and Opportunities within the South Downs National Park_dissertation

        Sustainable tourism in the South Downs National Park

        Whole Estate Plans in the South Downs National Park: A Model for Achieving the Universal Goal of Sustainable Development in Rural Areas


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