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Partnership Management Plan

 The South Downs National Park plays a special role well beyond its borders. It is of international, national, regional, and local importance. National Parks are designated because of their spectacular landscapes, and the ‘special qualities’ of the South Downs include wildlife, cultural heritage, outstanding opportunities for recreation, learning and inspiration, and a thriving rural economy with strong communities.

Like all the National Parks, the South Downs is a living, working and populated landscape, which has been subject to countless and continuous influences over millennia. Despite many pressures, its special qualities have endured – largely due to the efforts of many who live or work in it or visit it – but we need to work together to shape its future given its position as a fragile jewel in the busy South East of England.

The Partnership Management Plan – ‘Shaping the future of your South Downs National Park’ brings together and coordinates the aspirations of many different partners who help contribute towards the purposes for which it was designated.

The plan is the single most important policy document for the National Park. It consists of a vision, three linked strategic themes and 11 outcomes which set where we would like to get to by 2050. The themes and outcomes work together and have equal importance.

Since the plan was developed, fresh challenges have emerged, alongside new ideas on how to manage protected landscapes. We need to make sure these new challenges and opportunities influence how we and our partners focus our work over the next five years, so will produce a new 2019-24 action plan, with clear priorities for delivery, by the end of March 2019. Progress towards these priorities will be a joint responsibility of the SDNPA and our partners, with regular reports produced on how we are all doing.