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SCF Grant Panel Meetings & Submission Deadlines

SCF Grant Panel Meetings & Submission Deadlines

The Grant Panel consists of people from various sectors of the South Downs. It includes two National Park Authority Members and individuals with a variety of expertise and backgrounds.

The Panel’s role is to advise on grant decisions and develop policy and criteria for the fund. Its members are:

  • Doug Jones (Chair)
  • Toni Shaw
  • Dean Orgill
  • Janet Sinclair
  • Isabel Thurston
  • Christine Seaward
  • Roger Mullenger
  • Terry Doyle
  • Paddy Cox

Grants Panel Meetings

All grant applications must be submitted over a month before the decision meeting. Applicants for large grants will be invited to attend a short question and answer session at the meeting where their bid is considered so please mark this panel date in your diary if you will be applying.

Large Grant dates

  • Application deadline 1 August 2022 with a panel meeting on 8 September 2022

Small Grant dates

Small grants are decided on four times a year. The following dates have been set:

  • Application deadline 26 May 2022 for decision by end of June.
  • Application deadline 25 September 2022 for decision by end of October.
  • Application deadline 29 January for decision by end of February.


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