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Criteria and detailed information

Criteria and detailed information

Please see our Information Sheet for full details. In order to be eligible a project must:

  • Be “not for profit” and led by a formalised organisation, ‘for profit’ organisations can apply but these projects cannot be for financial gain to the business.
  • Demonstrate community involvement and benefit.
  • Contribute to at least 1 outcome or policy within the Partnership Management Plan.
  • Be sustainable – apart from demonstrating environmental sustainability it is essential that projects show how they will develop their income to become financially sustainable and independent of grant funding in the longer term.
  • Not have started yet – retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • Not be seeking revenue funding (usual running costs/overheads) except in a start-up.
  • Be well planned and managed.
  • Provide good value for money.
  • Already have planning or any other necessary permissions in place – cannot use a Sustainable Communities Fund grant to cover these costs (Expressions of Interest can be considered prior to this).
  • Have a match funding plan – although all funds do not need to be secured at the time of application a plan for how match funding will be sought must be in place.


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