Spuds, sledges and sovereignty: Preserving historic sites in the British Antarctic Territories

24 January 2019

18:30 to 20:00


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What happened in Antarctica after the heroic age of Scott and Shackleton? Why and how are we preserving the legacy of exploration and science in the Antarctic Peninsula? This talk focuses on Base Y at Horseshoe Island. Sophie Rowe was part of a small field team which studied the site extensively in 2017, as preparation for major conservation work. She will present the story of the hut and its occupants, and how it fits into the wider history of the Antarctic Peninsula, right up to the present day. Sophie trained as a conservator at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. She specialised in the conservation of organic artefacts while working at the British Museum. In early 2017 she spent a field season on Horseshoe Island in Antarctica cataloguing artefacts in the historic 1950s base there.

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Field Studies Centre, High Street, Selborne, Hampshire


GU34 3JU


The Field Studies Centre can be located at the back of the car park, behind the Selborne Arms Pub.

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Kimberley James

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