Discovering the Moths of Selborne

21 August 2019 to 22 August 2019

22:30 to 10:00


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You are welcome to join us from around dusk to see how the moth lights are set up and experience the first visitors of the night to the lights. Based on past experience, the June and July evenings also potentially offer the special experience of watching male Ghost Moths (Hepialus humuli) lekking (displaying) on the meadow around dusk. Alternatively you may wish to experience the opening of the traps in the morning. The choice is yours and all events are for all ages and experiences. Booking and pre-payment is available and preferred. As well as helping to identify any moths that are seen, during the night sessions there will be an opportunity to experience other nocturnal life in the grounds especially looking out, or listening, for owls and bats. These events will include outdoor activity including a short walk in the relative dark so please come dressed appropriately for the weather and time of year with sturdy footwear and bring a torch. A warm drink and biscuits will be available during the activities.

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Gilbert White's House


GU34 3JH


Field Study Centre

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Discovering the Moths

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