All aboard a tour of the planets

17 February 2020



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Come to the Planetarium for a flight of fancy to explore our planetary neighbours.

From hot little Mercury, closest planet to the Sun, past cloud-covered Venus, beautiful blue Earth strong and red Mars we head for the outer planets.

Through the rocky reaches of the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars, we speed pass giant Jupiter, Saturn with its beautiful rings, blue-green Uranus and on to deep blue Neptune, last of the Giant Planets. Beyond lie the icy dwarfs of the Kuiper Belt – worlds like Pluto and Eris. Fasten your seat belts for the trip of a lifetime.

The Moon is our nearest neighbour, and September is the month of the Harvest Moon. Even with the naked eye, you can see bright regions and darker patches on the Moon. Use binoculars or a telescope and you will see a tremendous amount of detail. The large, dark plains are called ‘seas’, but there has never been any water in them.

Explore the Moon with us at the Planetarium – it’s a rugged little world, with mountains, valleys, and a vast number of circular walled structures called craters. Learn about the phases of the Moon, how it raises the ocean tides, how it regulates Earth’s climate, and how it is slowly making our day longer.

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