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Revitalise your mental and physical health on the South Downs.

Never underestimate the power of a brisk walk in the fresh air of the National Park. Let the rolling hills and spectacular green landscape blow away the brain fog that can cloud your mind from an ‘all work and no play’ lifestyle.

Get your walking boots on and climb to the top of Chanctonbury Ring and marvel at the sea of patchwork fields below. There’s something very satisfying about conquering a big hill that will leave your legs burning, your heart pumping and a rosy glow to your face. These short lived physical effects will have long lasting effects on your mental well-being. Our important connection to nature can be easily lost on long commutes and sitting behind desks all week. Be sure to make the most of your evenings and weekends and enjoy the variety of wildlife and landscape on your doorstep. We have a range of walking and cycling leaflets all free to download from our website.

For those of us not able to easily access the steep chalk hills, getting out in the garden or birdwatching in local parks is a great way to reap the emotional benefits of nature too. Or we have a series of Miles Without Stiles leaflets which offer easy access routes in the South Downs.

The motivation to get outside can be difficult to find but is made all the more easier when done in groups. There are a number of societies and groups available which specialise in activities such as walking, gardening and conservation in the South Downs Area.

Better still, invigorate your mind and body by volunteering with our Volunteer Ranger Service. Meet likeminded individuals and take part in practical conservation and access improvement work.

For more ideas of places to walk, cycle and horse ride in the South Downs visit With a network of public transport running throughout the National Park you can plan your next day out with nature by visiting our online Discovery Map.