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South Downs GeoTour

Official GeoTour Host LogoThe South Downs GeoTour is England’s first GeoTour, and an exciting way to discover the hidden gems of this special landscape.

Pulse 72 Geocaching logoThere are 30 geocaches in the tour. Join in the challenge to earn your own souvenir GeoCoin – made especially for us by our sponsors Pulse72. Collect points by visiting geocaches, attending special events, travelling sustainably, eating and staying locally. You can now also grab bonus points for cycling to caches on the cycle network.

South Downs GeoTour Map

Download your passport

The GeoTour went live at 09:00 on 31 March 2015. Download your South Downs GeoTour Passport to get started.

Find the caches

Visit the South Downs GeoTour page on to get clues and discover where the caches are hidden. Don’t forget to collect the codes if you want to claim your souvenir GeoCoins.

Bonus points can be collected by…

  • Travelling sustainably:
    • 1 point per bus/rail journey to a cache – attach ticket & note the GC code you visited.
    • 1 point per bike ride – upload a photo at the cache with your bike. Only accepted for caches accessibly by bike
  • Enjoying local food and staying longer:
    • 1 point per lunch or dinner – ask for a stamp for each meal at businesses listed overleaf
    • 2 points per overnight stay – ask for a stamp for each night that you stay
  • Conserving and improving the environment:
    • 2 points per event – attend CITO or conservation events and get your passport stamped

Claim your souvenir GeoCoin

  1. Collect geocache codes in your passport and bonus points by eating local, staying local and travelling by bus, train or bike.
  2. 15 geocache codes + 10 bonus codes = a silver GeoCoin
    30 geocache codes + 20 bonus codes = a gold GeoCoin
  3. You can claim one silver and one gold GeoCoin per passport.
  4. Send your original completed passport to Geocaching, South Downs Centre, Midhurst, GU29 9DH together with a cheque (£6 for each coin) made out to SDNPA (this includes postage).
  5. We will return your passport to you with your GeoCoin.

You can also claim your GeoCoin in person from the South Downs Centre in Midhurst. Please call 01730 814810 to arrange in advance.

The South Downs GeoTour joins 50 other GeoTours around the globe hosted by parks, visitor bureaus or local communities. Travellers can explore the GeoTours page to find geocaches on their current trip or to decide their next vacation destination.

Comments and Suggestions

If you have any questions about the GeoTour or suggestions for how it may be improved please get in touch with us using the form below. Alternatively, you can send us a message on our Geocaching Profile.

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Comments or Suggestions