Communicating the South Downs


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Take the Lead

Lots of you visit the South Downs National Park (SDNP) because it is a great place to walk your dog. There’s plenty of space to let your dog off the lead and there’s lots for them to explore within the boundaries of a National Park that includes farms, heathlands, forests and historical sites. Responsible dog walkers are very welcome in the South Downs and we’ve worked with some of you to create a series of videos that show exactly how a dog and owner can get the best from a walk in the SDNP.

Taking responsibility for your dog is especially important in spring when young livestock are particularly vulnerable. The South Downs is also home to many ground-nesting birds, particularly nightjars – any disturbance while the hen is sitting on eggs can end the chances of a successful brood. So if you see signs asking you to keep your dog on the lead then please do so. You’ll be able to let them free once you are on safe territory.