Communicating the South Downs


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Hall of Fame

The following people have all earned the South Downs GeoTour souvenir GeoCoin. Congratulations for discovering the hidden gems of the National Park!

Hall of Fame – Gold

Rank Date Name Username
1 21 Sept 2015 Vicky Ottaway Ottaways123
2 22 Oct 2015 Colin and Wendy Gibson WiglooMarbles
3 22 Oct 2015 Kelly Gibson Keltherocketdog
4 22 Oct 2015 Scott Gibson Scottland22
5 13 Feb 2016 Clive Foster-Reed Kaarthuul
6 31 Mar 2016 Gordon Goodall Velosaurus
7 21 Apr 2016 Michael Worthy Herts-Skip
8 21 Apr 2016 Iain Rowlands The Haywood Hornet
9 21 Apr 2016 Carl Bird Vimmes
10 27 Apr 2016 Dave NuJerico
11 03 May 2016 Karen Brooks Erynluin
12 20 July 2016 Samantha Wilkins Bellabumpkin
13 29 July 2016 Paul Tonks Proftonks

Hall of Fame – Silver

Rank Date Name Username
1 19 June 2015 Sean Cain Badcats
2 11 July 2015 Kelly Gibson Keltherocketdog
3 11 July 2015 Scott Gibson Scottland22
4 11 July 2015 Colin and Wendy Gibson WiglooMarbles
5 11 July 2015 Vicky Ottaway Ottaways123
6 11 Sept 2015 Dave NuJerico
7 18 Sept 2015 Gordon Goodall Velosaurus
8 21 Sept 2015 Harry Toad
9 13 Feb 2016 Llinos FfiLli
10 10 Oct 2015 Carl Bird Vimmes
11 31 Mar 2016 Margaret Crawford Jellyfish GFP
12 20 July 2016 Samantha Wilkins Bellabumpkin
13 20 July 2016 Sue Cockburn Calligmathy
14 29 July 2016 Paul Tonks Proftonks


We have really enjoyed completing the South Downs GeoTour. The caches were excellent, some of the best we have seen, and gave us a real taste of what the area has to offer in terms of beautiful countryside and also rich heritage. Particular favourites were Firle Beacon and the Rifle Range at Steyning, not forgetting the clever one at the Visitors Centre – the list could go on and on! The bonus stamps gave us the perfect excuse to enjoy the local fayre – be it a pub meal at the end of day’s caching or amazing lunches at the YHA to refuel (the cake there is fabulous!). Thank you for setting this tour and we will definitely be back to explore this lovely area further! – wigloomarbles

Outstanding. Some of the best caches and best locations I have had the pleasure to visit. I will be sure to be visiting a lot of these places again in the summer holidays with the family – badcats

Enjoyed exploring some amazing places with stunning views. Thanks – Ottaways123

Superlatives fail me! – proftonks