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About funding for your project

In these webpages you will find information on a variety of funding sources ranging from South Downs National Park Authority grants to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

There is also a useful links section but we would like to specifically draw your attention to the following websites which may be very useful to your fundraising programme:

  • GRANTfinder is a user-friendly, accurate and professional funding tool which has helped its users to facilitate the securing of millions of pounds’ worth of support.
  • Magic is an interactive mapping tool which you can use to find out which Local Action Group(LAG) or Local Enterprise Area(LEP) you fall into:
    • Once you have clicked “get started” use the Table of Contents filter on the left of the screen to select Administrative Geographies Other Administrative Boundaries Local Enterprise Partnership Boundaries(England) and Rural Development Fund Eligibility for LEADER Groups.
    • Then navigate the map to the area where you operate and use the “identify” tool (central “i” icon at the top of the page) to show the name of your LAG and LEP.

We have categorised the various types of funding in the menu to the right. Please note that there are often great overlaps in funding so please do not use the categories definitively, we would recommend having a look through all of the menu options.