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Meet Your Dog Ambassadors

Dog ambassadors each have their own story as to why they have got involved with the project. But they are  all local people who walk regularly on heathland sites. They are there to offer support and advise and promote our take the lead campaign messages. If you see any of them onsite in their gilets, please do stop and say hello.

Shanie on Broxhead Common

Shanie and Hugo – Walking on Broxhead Common

My name is Shanie and this is my best boy Hugo!

I’m a self-confessed country-bumpkin at heart who’s been lucky enough to grow up spending a lot of time in the beautiful countryside in Hampshire.

We’re very lucky to be able to live so close to the South Downs National Park where we get to meet so many like-minded people who share a passion for exploring the outdoors with their dogs and ensuring we are helping to share and preserve it responsibly with local wildlife.

Come and say Hi to us next time you’re out and about on your walkies! 

 Shanie👣 & Hugo🐾



Sam on Longmoor

Sam, Stanley & Mylo

I have loved the great outdoors & nature since I was a child.

Recently I ditched the desk job and I am studying horticulture with a view to a new career in gardening.

I hope to bump into some of you soon.




Beryl on Blackdown


Hello, I’m Beryl, an ex-teacher who has lived around here since 1988.

I was a prime mover in setting up Haslemere Tennis Club.

I have seen lots of changes, but the worst is the amount of dog poo on the paths!






Andy on Longmoor

Andy and Bunty

I have lived in Haslemere for over 30 years and am now retired.

I have always been a keen walker, enjoying the glorious and varied countryside we are so lucky to have on our doorstep.







John on Wiggonholt

John and Bertie

Being a  Dog  Ambassador under the umbrella of the Heathlands Reunited project is the start of an opportunity of making real in roads into hopefully working with and, where necessary, educating our dog owners.

Walking the trail with a dog is a great way of breaking the ice when talking to dog owners.

Unfortunately I do not own a dog but have recruited our first dog volunteer – he has the skills and experience to do the job.