Planning Committee - 8 Nov 2010

Location: Lewes Town Hall, High Street, Lewes BN7 2QS
Date and time: 8 Nov 2010 - 11:30 AM

Contact Details:

Rebecca Haynes, Member Services
Tel: 01730 811773 Email:

Richard Shaw
Chief Executive (National Park Officer)


1. Apologies for absence

2. Declarations of Interest

Members and officers are invited to make any declarations of personal or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on the agenda and are reminded to make any declaration at any stage during the meeting if it then becomes apparent that this may be required when a particular item or issue is considered.

3. Minutes of previous meeting held on 11 October 2010

4. Urgent Items

To consider any matter on the agenda which the Chairman agrees should be considered as a matter of urgency to due special circumstances.

Development Management


5. Application No: EB/10/04388/FUL

Proposal: Extensions to existing buildings and provision of replacement extensions and alterations including provision of new swimming pool and gym at basement level in the Sanatorium; demolition of freestanding storage buildings north of the Engine House; use of the Sanatorium for assisted care living and associated communal facilities; use of chapel as shop and cafe; conversion of Engine House, Motor House and Nurses Accommodation to 25 houses and apartments; erection of 105 apartments comprising 7 no 1 bed, 95 no 2 bed units and 3 no 3 bed units; erection of 115 houses comprising 37 no 2 bed, 39 no 3 bed and 39 no 4 and 4+ bed units, together with detached garage/studios; construction of access roads and drives; provision of estate maintenance building and compound; construction of surface water balancing ponds; provision of natural recreation facilities; and landscaping of the grounds and gardens.

Address: King Edward VII Hospital, Kings Drive, Easebourne, Midhurst, West Sussex

To consider a report by the Interim Head of Planning (Report PC23/10)

Item 5, report 23/10

Item 5, attachment 1, location plan

Item 5, attachment 2, masterplan with development zones


6. Application No: 39366/017

Proposal: Erection of a Gospel Hall with associated car parking and landscaping with new access off Portsmouth Road

Address: Bohunt Manor, Portsmouth Road, Liphook GU30 7LD

To consider a report by the Interim Head of Planning (Report PC24/10)

Item 6, report 24/10

Item 6, attachment 1

Item 6, attachment 2

Item 6, attachment 3


7. Application No: MI/10/03707/OUT

Proposal: Outline application for redevelopment of 1.4 hectares of the 2.4 hectare site owned by the applicants with up to 31 dwellings together with informal open space and landscaped areas.

Address: Council Depot, Bepton Road, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9QX

To consider a report by the Interim Head of Planning (Report PC25/10)

Item 7, Report 25/10

Item 7, attachment 1

Item 7, attachment 2

Item 7, attachment 3

8. Wealden District Draft Core Strategy

To consider a report by the Interim Head of Planning.

Item 8, Report PC 26/10

Item 8, attachments

9. Hampshire County Council Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan

To consider a report by the Interim Head of Planning.

Item 9, Report 27/10 Minerals and waste

10. Quarterly Report

To consider a report by the Interim Head of Planning (Report PC28/10)

Item 10, Report 28/10

Item 10, attachment 1

Item 10, attachment 2

To all Members of the Planning Committee:

Alun Alesbury, Jo Carr, Peter Gardiner, Neville Harrison, Barbara Holyome, David Jenkins, Minette Palmer, Charles Peck, Andrew Shaxson

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