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North Street Quarter, Lewes

Application SDNP/15/01146/FUL, a hybrid planning application for the redevelopment of the North Street Industrial Estate in Lewes, will be considered at the 10 December 2015 Planning Committee meeting.

The North Street Quarter lies to the immediate north west of Lewes town centre. The joint owners of the site have submitted an application for its redevelopment, which would be the largest in Lewes since it became part of the National Park.

The application will be considered at a meeting of the South Downs National Park Authority’s Planning Committee on Thursday, 10 December at County Hall in Lewes.

The site has a rich industrial heritage dating particularly from the 18th and 19th centuries, when an iron and steel foundry, a tannery and a paper mill flourished on the site. Today the site contains a number of light industrial and creative industry uses, as well as other uses such as public car parks and a fire station.

The application is described as a hybrid because the applicants are seeking full approval for Phase 1 (the full application) and outline approval for Phases 2 and 3 (the outline application).

Amended plans consultation

Amended plans for the North Street Quarter development in Lewes will be available from 19 October 2015 on the South Downs National Park Authority’s online public access system (search SDNP/15/01146/FUL). All comments will be posted on the site. Paper copies are available at the Lewes District Council offices at Southover House in Lewes and National Park Authority’s office in Midhurst.

Public consultation will then take place over a four-week consultation period. Site notices will be posted in the area and notifications will be sent to those who responded earlier this year.

To make it as easy as possible to identify changes a list of all plans and other documents will appear in both the online and paper copies, this will distinguish which plans and documents are amended or new, some of these are in the form of addendums to previous documents.

Officer’s report

The Officer’s report for this application will be published on or before Wednesday 2 December on the page for the 10 December Planning Committee meeting.

Speaking at the meeting

As with all applications considered by the SDNPA planning committee, there will be up to three people or organisations able to speak in favour of the application and up to three people or organisations against it.

Due to the scale and importance of this application, in line with the SDNPA’s Public Speaking Protocol the Planning Committee Chair has agreed on this occasion that the following people will also be able to speak: two Town Councillors from Lewes Town Council; one District Councillor from Lewes District Council (from either Lewes Castle Ward or Lewes Bridge Ward); and one local County Councillor (from either Ringmer and Lewes Bridge Division or Lewes Division).

Registration to speak at the meeting is now closed.

Attending the meeting

Public seating is limited at the venue and a neighbouring room will be made available with a live webcast of the meeting. All seats will be ticketed and ticket numbers allocated on a first come first served basis. Entrance will be for those with tickets only, and members of the press/media and those wishing to speak at the meeting will also need to register to attend.

Tickets are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration to attend the meeting has now closed.

Please note that members of the public will not be permitted to bring banners or musical instruments with them into the meeting.

Phasing Plan

North Street Quarter – Phasing Plan

The application seeks permission for full planning application (Phase 1) for the demolition of existing buildings, provision of infrastructure, construction of access off Phoenix Causeway and associated highway improvements, flood defences, erection of new buildings of up to 4 storeys, comprising 243 residential units (Class C3) [including 51 extra care units (ClassC2/C3)]; 4185m2 (Class B1 and A1, A2, A3, A4 and D2 uses) [Flexible work space including creative community space, assembly and leisure uses and restaurant]; Class D1 medical and health services [Health Hub including pharmacy]; creation of areas of public realm, cycle and car parking provision, including public parking, riverside pedestrian route, footbridge over the River Ouse and associated landscaping.

Outline application (Phases 2 & 3) for the demolition of existing buildings, construction of flood defences, provision of infrastructure, enhancements to recreational facilities at Malling Fields and Pells Park, the erection of new buildings of up to 3 storeys comprising up to 173 residential units (Class C3) with details relating to access, layout and scale for approval and details relating to appearance and landscaping reserved for subsequent approval.

Application Overview

The NSQ Planning Application Overview submitted with application sets out the background to the planning application and overview to the application documentation.

North Street Quarter – Planning Application Overview

Policy Context

The application site is covered by Spatial Policy 3 (SP3) of the Lewes District Joint Core Strategy (JCS). This sets out the policy position for the North Street site and adjacent Eastgate area. The emerging draft policy SD34 of the South Downs National Park Local Plan Preferred Options Document, which is undergoing public consultation until 28 October is also relevant but of limited weight. The planning application will be assessed against policy SP3 and other relevant policies of the JCS, the emerging policy SD34 and any ‘saved’ policies from the Lewes District Local Plan 2004, together with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and other material considerations.

Frequently asked questions

Who has been sent a consultation letter?

Neighbour consultations letters have been sent to over 200 hundred properties which share a boundary with the site or are in close proximity to the site. Planning site notices have also been displayed across and around the site. Press notices have also been placed in local newspapers. This is in accordance with the statutory requirements. Following the submission of amended and additional plans and documents in mid-October 2015, further notifications will be sent to those original 200 addresses and to other people who have submitted written comments.

How long do I have to submit my comments?

The consultation period for the amended and additional plans and documents will last four weeks, between 19 October and 16 November 2015. The Authority will endeavour to take into account comments received after this time but cannot guarantee this.

How will my comments be taken into account?

All comments raising material planning considerations which are received on the planning application will be taken into account in determining the proposed development and will be summarised in the committee report.

Where will the planning committee meeting be held?

Due to the scale and complexity of the development and level of public interest the committee meeting will be held Lewes on 10 December 2015. The meeting will be held at County Hall

There is limited parking available in the County Hall car park and we encourage travel by public transport, find more details on East Sussex County Council’s website

Who are the SDNPA Members who sit on the planning committee?

Information about members of the SDNPA Planning Committee are on the committee page and their profiles are on our Members page

Were there pre-application discussions on the proposed development?

The PPA established a framework to provide advice and guidance to steer the development process. Such advice is not legally binding upon any parties and does not prejudice the decision making powers of the SDNPA, as the Local Planning Authority, when considering the planning application.

Yes, the developers have held public consultation and engagement events. Further details on these can be viewed on the developers’ website.

Did the developers held public consultation during the pre-application process?

Yes, as advocated by Central Government the SDNPA has been engaged in pre-application discussions with Santon and Lewes District Council for the past two years on the proposed development. Since October 2013 there has been a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) between SDNPA, Santon and LDC which set out the framework to structure and resource the planning process for the re-development of North Street, Lewes.