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Partnership Management Plan

 We are delighted to present the Partnership Management Plan: Shaping the future of your South Downs National Park. The plan has been a joint venture from the start, with many individuals, organisations and networks in, and, around the National Park, who have helped to shape it and will now be involved in its delivery. It is, after all, for all those with an interest in or influence on the National Park.

Like all the national parks, the South Downs is a living, working and populated landscape, which has been subject to countless and continuous influences over millennia. Despite many pressures, its special qualities have endured – largely due to the efforts of many who live or work in it or visit it.

This plan sets out a shared vision for how we all would like the National Park to be in the future. It includes 11 long-term outcomes, and provides a framework for communities, landowners, charities, businesses and public bodies to work together to make this vision and these outcomes a reality. It focuses where we all believe partnership action can make a tangible difference over the next five years.

Preparation of the Plan has been led and co-ordinated by the National Park Authority working jointly with a high-level stakeholder group – the South Downs Partnership. It is designed to stimulate local action, influence the major streams of public and private investment into the National Park, and align with the policies and programmes of other public bodies. It will, of course, drive the Authority’s own business and operational plans, and provides the starting point for the development of the policies in our Local Plan.