Data and Evidence

The SDNPA is currently collating data and evidence on all aspects of the Park and the people who live within its boundaries.

This data and information will be used to inform the State of the Park Report. It will also be used to inform the National Park Management Plan. The State of the Park Report provides information and identifies issues affecting the National Park.

The Management Plan is a key strategic document that will provide a vision for the future of the Park. It will also set the framework for all policy and activity. The Management Plan sets out the objectives for the Park Authority, and its partners, to achieve the purposes of the National Park.

As data and evidence is collected and tested, it will be made available to community groups for their own use. The availability of data will be controlled by the Data Protection Act so some data sets may not be available publicly. As data sets are produced for the Park, they will be recorded in this section of the website. 

Do you have data, statistics or evidence that could be used to inform the development of the State of the Park Report or Management Plan?

If you hold or have access to data which you think will be important for the Park Authority, please send it to Chris Paterson, Strategy Lead for Communities on

Please ensure that any data you send has details including the following:

  • Data source
  • Date of data collection
  • Sample size or survey techniques
  • Data owner